Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deconstructing the Carlton/LeLievre Backlash 2

Hm... is this the mysterious Dr John Nemesh who moonlights as a poster boy for the BDS bashers? (See my posts In the Dead of Night (29/9/11) and In the Dead of Night 2 (13/11/11)):

"Mike Carlton's ire at Israel's supposed fascism would have carried more weight if had he also reminded readers that Hamas is a Islamic Fascist Palestinian movement linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which denies Jews any right to the very self-determination the Palestinians themselves seek."  (Letter, John Nemesh, Gymea, Sydney Morning Herald, 28/7/14)

Israel's "supposed fascism"? If Israel isn't fascist, it certainly does a damned good imitation:

"A mob of Jewish youths bashed two Palestinians at a tram stop in Jerusalem over the weekend, reportedly with iron bars and baseball bats, until they were unconscious. Meanwhile, a leading Israeli academic has caused a controversy by saying the sisters and mothers of Hamas leaders should be raped." (Israel pulls Gaza ceasefire, John Lyons, The Australian, 28/7/14)

"The UN Security Council also called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire as a poll in Israel found 87% support for the war to continue." (Obama, UN demand ceasefire, John Lyons, The Australian, 29/7/14)

MERC's Dictionary of Ziospeak 5

combat zone (as in "... the IDF said: 'The IDF has repeatedly called out to the civilian population of Gaza not to approach combat zones.' Palestinians say that given how densely populated the strip is - 1.8m people in 365 sq km - everywhere is in fact a combat zone." Israel pulls Gaza ceasefire offer, John Lyons, The Australian, 28/7/14): everywhere

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In our thousands, In our millions, We are all Palestinians


Melbourne: 6pm, Friday, August 1, State Library

Sydney: 1pm, Sunday, August 3, Sydney Town Hall

Brisbane: 5.30pm, Friday, August 1, King George Square

Perth: 12pm, Saturday, August 2, Murray St Mall

Canberra: 1pm, Saturday, August 2, Petrie Plaza


From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free

Ignoring/Misreporting Sydney's Mass Gaza Rallies

The lack of ms media coverage of Sydney's July rallies for Gaza - three so far, on consecutive Sundays (13/20/27), with a 4th to come this Sunday (3/8) - has been shameful.

Huge numbers of people have attended these rallies, with the organisers - Sydney's Palestine Action Group - conservatively estimating an attendance figure of around 5,000 (for 21/7) on its FB page.

Here's the Fairfax/Murdoch breakdown:

Sydney Morning Herald:
14/7: 0
21/7: A postage stamp piece with on an estimate of "more than 4000 people" in attendance. (Youngsters rally against Israel)
28/7: A small photograph buried inside another article (Alhadeff defiant on Gaza email) on p 6.

The Australian:

14/7: 0
21/7: 0
28/7: 0

Other Murdoch outlets, both print & web-based:

14/7: 0
21/7: "... a crowd of more than 2000..." (Sydney rally against deaths in Gaza, AAP, 20/7)
28/7: "About 500 people are marching..." (Sydney rally slams Gaza silence, AAP, 27/7)

While Fairfax is missing in action, Murdoch, typically, lies through its teeth (2000/500).

Deconstructing the Carlton/LeLievre Backlash 1

The confected outrage of Zionist propagandists at Mike Carlton and Glen LeLievre, following their forthright condemnation of Israel's current wilding in Gaza in Saturday's Herald, was as inevitable as night following day.

Five of the 9 letters on the subject in yesterday's Herald were in this category. Here's my deconstruction of one of them - that by Zionist barrister Irving Wallach of Alexandria:

"Journalistic and cartoon comment in coverage of the tragic and extremely disturbing deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza..."

Note the feigned concern for Palestinian civilians. It's there merely to lend the requisite air of humanity to the letter. (Rule Number 1 in the Zionist propaganda handbook.)

Readers are not, of course, expected to notice that the term "tragic deaths" is really nothing more than a euphemism for bloody murder, or reflect that if the writer was in fact "extremely disturbed" by them, he'd be condemning them as the war crimes that they are.

"... and of Israeli civilians was always going to need caution."

Although there is, in fact, no balance whatever in Israel's genocidal rampage in Gaza, you'll note here an attempt to suggest otherwise.

"Which makes one wonder how on earth LeLievre's cartoon was approved for publication."

The reader is not, of course, expected to wonder how on earth genuine obscenities such as 'Operation Protective Edge' can be perpetrated by those who spin themselves as the very acme of civilization and modernity.

"His image of a fat hook-nosed Jew..."

Hm... reminiscent of a geriatric Menachem Begin, Israeli terrorist par excellence and Likud founder, of whom Netanyahu has said, "He is a great role model for me... Israel and the Likud are inspired by the spirit of Menachem Begin." (Israel remembers Prime Minister Menachem Begin, israelhayom, 28/2/12)

Seems like LeLievre's captured the 'spirit' of today's Likudnik murderers perfectly. And that reminds me: wasn't Wallach once a leader of the Zionist youth movement Betar, founded by the ideological godfather of the Likud, Vladimir Jabotinsky?

"... complete with religious head covering..."

Such as Netanyahu wears from time to time, to shore up the kippah-wearing settler vote.

"... and labelled with a large Star of David is disgraceful. It should be the stuff of a bygone era."

Apparently the appropriation of the Star of David as the national symbol of the genocidal Israeli apartheid regime is neither here nor there.

"It should not have appeared in the pages of any Australian newspaper, let alone a quality publication such as the Herald. Shame on you, LeLievre, and the Herald."


Monday, July 28, 2014

Vic Alhadeff: Multicultural in NSW, Monocultural in Israel

The cynical partisan appointment last year, by former NSW Premier Baruch (Jerusalem Prize) O'Farrell, of Israel lobbyist Vic Alhadeff to the chair of the NSW Community Relations Commission  was never going to work, given that one cannot credibly advocate for multiculturalism in NSW while publicly advocating for the exact opposite in occupied (River to Sea) Palestine

In fact, it is a mystery why Sydney's Arab/Muslim community - or anyone else in the know for that matter - waited until the latest Israeli rampage in Gaza before actively protesting the appointment and/or boycotting the appointee.

New Matilda's Chris Graham covers the resignation of NSW Community Relations Commissioner/NSW Jewish Board of Deputies supremo better than most:

"The Chairman of the NSW Community Relations Commission has finally resigned, after supporting the Israeli assault on Gaza. Vic Alhadeff's job as the Chairman of the government-appointed Community Relations Commission was to promote harmony in New South Wales between different ethnic groups.

"He sure had a funny way of going about it. Two weeks ago, Alhadeff, in his other capacity as chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, sent an inflammatory pro-Israel email to Australia's Jewish community, just as the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza began to gather pace. At the time, the death toll in Israel's latest assault on Gaza was nearing 200. All of the dead were Palestinians. None of them were Israelis. Without a hint of irony, Alhadeff accused Hamas of 'violating international law and engaging in war crimes as its militants launch rockets indiscriminately at civilians from civilian areas. Israel has made it clear that it is not interested in further escalation, but will do whatever is needed to defend its citizens. All options are on the table.'

"That 'disinterest in further escalation', and 'those options' apparently included wholesale slaughter - Israel has leveled large sections of Gaza, and targeted civilian infrastructure including hospitals and schools.

"Today, Vic Alhadeff finally resigned his position as Chair of the Community Relations Commission after NSW Premier Mike Baird refused to stand him down... And it came after a boycott by Muslim leaders of a dinner staged on Thursday night by Premier Baird to mark Ramadan.

"In a written statement issued this afternoon, Alhadeff - ever mindful of community harmony - pointed the finger of blame at others by noting that 'the reaction from some' to his email 'has become a distraction to the work of the CRC and the role of the chair. It is with considerable regret that I have decided to resign from my position... I have chosen to do so in the interests of the CRC and its important work in fostering social harmony within our society. It is clear that a briefing paper issued under my name inadvertently caused offence to some, and this is greatly regretted. While this was unintended... the reaction of some has become a distraction to the work of the CRC and the role of the chair'...

"NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge welcomed the resignation, but noted Alhadeff should never have been appointed to the position in the first place... 'Given his deeply partisan approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, he should never have been considered a viable candidate'." (27/7/14)

The Sydney Morning Herald's editorial of 26/7/14 is also of interest here. The editorial declared Alhadeff's position to be "virtually untenable," and spoke of him "betraying the sensitivity of his role as CRC chairman."  (Alhadeff & Baird should do right thing over Gaza row)

The editorial continued: "Mr Baird should have demanded an unreserved apology and received one. He did neither. Instead, the Premier said the CRC chairman 'had his full confidence' after Mr Alhadeff apologised for any umbrage his comments might have caused. Notably, he did not resile from his views, nor accept blame for airing them in his important role. Mr Alhadeff's was a poor example of caveated contrition. The timing was particularly poor too. The apology came after Muslim groups threatened to boycott an iftar dinner at NSW Parliament House hosted by Mr Baird to mark the breaking of the fast in the holy Muslim month [sic] of Ramadan. Mr Alhadeff attended, along with many of the Premier's supporters, but those who refused to attend included the Lebanese Muslim Association, the National Imams Council, the Arab Council, Muslim Women's association, some Muslim councillors and the first Muslim MP in NSW, Shaoquett Moselmane."

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gerard Henderson's Syrian Yardstick

Writing in The Australian of July 26, Fairfax>Murdoch pundit Gerard Henderson wrote of the carnage in Gaza:

"Reports indicate that about 650 Palestinians have died... in the current conflict. This is a serious death toll. Yet it is only a fraction of the dead in the civil war in Syria."

The war in Syria, an entirely unrelated issue to events in Gaza, is of course being used here to deflect attention from the enormity of Israel's crimes in Palestine.

To expose this typically Zionist of sleight of hand, I thought it might be interesting to apply what might be termed the Syrian yardstick to the two other reports of murder and mayhem that appear in the same edition. Just imagine Henderson coming out with these gems:

1) The murder of Allison Baden-Clay is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the mass murder in Syria. Why we're even reading about her case is a complete mystery to me.

2) Twenty-seven Australians lost their lives in the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine recently. What a yawn when you compare it to the death toll in Syria.

What a pain the man is.