Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Callow Youth

Zionists propagandists, of course, have a vested interest in misrepresenting the Palestinian struggle against Zionist colonisation and apartheid. However, ignoramuses with no vested interest whatever in misrepresenting it may also do their bit, albeit unconsciously, to peddle misrepresentations of the subject.

Ignoramuses such as BROOKLYN-based, prize-winning Indian novelist Karan Mahajan (32), for example, talking about his novel The Association of Small Bombs on Radio National's Books & Arts Program yesterday morning:

"I would use the word irrationality because when I researched terrorism and... got really deep into the history of terrorism, starting with Tsarist Russia all the way through the PLO and Palestine to the present day, you see that there's this battle ongoing between Western rationality and/in (?) science and between the kind of irrationality and religion, and I wanted to show the ways in which the irrational impulses of terrorism, and bombing in a way is a strange irrational event, it's a huge act of violence which seems kind of meaningless when it happens."

Where does one even begin to unpick such knotted, incoherent nonsense?

Is 'terrorism' a stand-alone subject which can be researched independently of its political and historical context? Who wrote the books and/or papers he read for his book? Could they perhaps have had an agenda? What then was their agenda? Did he have the wit to notice it anyway? What does he know, if anything, about the PLO and Palestine? (Rhetorical question.) Does he really think Israel vs Palestine reduces to science vs religion? And if, as I KNOW, he knows BUGGER ALL on the subject, what right has he got to utter such foolishness? Has he never heard of armed resistance to oppression, occupation and colonisation? Has he never heard of state terrorism? Does he know who pioneered terrorism in the Middle East? (Interesting how he has zip to say about Zionist terrorism and can only invoke the PLO.) And what is he on about with this 'Western rationality' shit? What's that all about? (Surely, he doesn't think that British colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to India?!) Etc, etc.

Sometimes, you find yourself wishing you'd never even turned on the bloody radio.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Scared S***less

"American musicians who support boycotting Israel over the issue of Palestinian rights are terrified to speak out for fear their careers will be destroyed, according to Roger Waters. The Pink Floyd star - a prominent supporter of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel since its inception 10 years ago - said the experience of seeing himself constantly labelled a Nazi and anti-Semite had scared people into silence... 'My industry has been particularly recalcitrant in even raising a voice [against Israel]. There's me and Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Manic Street Preachers, one or two others, but there's nobody in the United States where I live. I've talked to a lot of them, and they are scared s***less." (Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel, Paul Gallagher, independent.co.uk, 20/2/16)

I don't think the Zionist mafia in the US could bear a repeat of one of this century's finest and most moving protest songs, Michael Heart's 2009 We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza).

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Back to the Cold War

It's back to the 50s, with The Weekend Australian devoting half a page to the Hungarian uprising of 23 October, 1956. To the right - a heading, "Freedom First: Hungary 1956, a Hungarian flag, and the caption: "On the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution in Hungary we express our gratitude to our heroes and to those who sheltered and helped them." To the left - a black-and-white period photograph of civilians marching along a (Budapest?) street, preceded by a man carrying a coloured Hungarian flag, and the caption: "New heroes are born where they are not forgotten." No sponsorship notice appears at the foot of the page.

I've never before seen anything like it in The Australian. It will be interesting to see what other Soviet crimes are similarly commemorated from hereon in. Of course, don't expect to see anything similar when it comes to US, British, French or Israeli crimes.

The Hungarian uprising lasted until November 10, crushed by Soviet troops, following their invasion on November 4. Thousands of Hungarians died in its wake.

Around the same time, from 29 October to 7 November, 1956, a tripartite Anglo-French-Israeli aggression was launched against Egypt with the aim of taking control of the Suez Canal. Thousands of Egyptians, military and civilian, died resisting the invaders. But don't expect those heroes to be commemorated in Murdoch's Australian on the 60th anniversary of their resistance to Anglo-French-Israeli aggression.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Secret Fred's Business

Age (82) does not weary him:

"Right-wing Christian firebrand MP the Reverend Fred Nile hid in Parliament House and refused to come out to avoid being served legal documents in a defamation case. Judge Judith Gibson was scathing in her assessment of the Christian Democrat leader's behaviour, telling the District Court earlier this week that evading service of a subpoena was a serious matter and could result in a charge of contempt of court... The defamation case for which Mr Nile was requested to provide documents centres on lawyer and activist Robert Balzola - the head of an anti-Muslim group called Concerned Citizens of Canberra. Mr Balzola is suing The Canberra Times over a story published in 2012 about his opposition to a new mosque. Late last night Mr Nile told The Saturday Telegraph... that since arriving back in the country from Israel on Tuesday morning he had not had the opportunity to inform the court that he had nothing to produce because he was ill with the flu..." (Nile hides in office to dodge subpoena, Kelly Burke, The Daily Telegraph, 22/10 16)

And thereby hangs a tale...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Zionist Humour & Zionist History are Oxymorons

A superb essay by Nazareth-based journalist Jonathan Cook (mondoweiss.net, 19/10/16):

"It was presumably intended as an Israeli history lesson to the world. A video posted to social media by Israel's foreign ministry shows an everyday Jewish couple, Jacob and Rachel, in a home named the 'Land of Israel'. A series of knocks on the door brings 3,000 years of interruptions to their happiness. First it's the Assyrians, followed by the Babylonians, Hellenists, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamluks, and Ottomans - all straight out of Monty Python central casting. Jacob and Rachel are forced by the warring factions to relocate to ever smaller parts of their home until finally they have to pitch a tent in the garden. Their fortunes change only with the arrival of a servant of the British Empire, who returns the title deeds. A final knock disturbs their celebrations. On the doorstep are a penniless Palestinian couple, craning their necks to see what goodies await them inside. The chauvinism in portraying Jacob and Rachel as the only normal folk, stoically enduring barbarians butchering each other in their living room, is ugly enough. But it is harder still to take seriously an account in which the Palestinians suddenly appear out of nowhere in 1948, as Britain departs.

"A mile from my home in Nazareth are the ruins of Saffuriya, a centuries-old Palestinian town until the Israeli army expelled the inhabitants in 1948 and blew up their homes. more than 500 villages were similarly razed. In places where buildings were left untouched, it is Jews - not Palestinians - who squat in someone else's home. But the falsification runs deeper. Next to the rubble of Saffuriya lies the much older Roman city of Sephoris, where Jews settled nearly 2,000 years ago after their failed revolts against the Roman Empire. A surviving synagogue's mosaic floor reveals that the Jews of Sephoris worshipped the sun, so close had they grown to the area's pagan population.

"Other entanglements abound. In Nazareth's old city is the world's only 'synagogue-church' where Jesus reputedly delivered his first sermon. It is a reminder that many local Jews would soon be calling themselves Christians, and later Muslims. Farther north, in the town of Bokaya, an ancient synagogue can be found next to churches and mosques. For centuries the Abrahamic faiths lived alongside each other in a communal harmony unknown in Europe.

"In fact, contrary to Israel's version of history, the most violent clashes - aside from the Jewish revolts - coincided with invasions by Europeans, whether the aggressive sectarianism of the Crusaders, or the British-backed creation of an ethno-religious 'Jewish state' by Zionists. More usually, Palestine's past was marked by cultural tolerance and genetic diversity. Conversions and intermarriages meant the region was a melting-pot of identities and beliefs.

"Israel, of course, prefers to obscure that history, because it leads to an obvious conclusion: the region needs less, not more, tribalism and dogma of the sort Israel favours. The Jewish majority in Israel lives almost entirely apart from the Palestinians who stayed on their land and are today nominally citizens. Meanwhile, in the West Bank - known to Israelis as the Biblical kingdoms of 'Judea and Samaria' - Jewish settlers lord it over a ghettoised Palestinian population subject to military rule.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been drafting a basic law defining Israel as belonging to a globalised 'Jewish nation', not the country's citizens. And he insists that peace talks take place only once the Palestinians under occupation recognise Israel as such a Jewish state - a condition that, once viewed as risible, has now been adopted by Washington.

"In a sign of the prevailing mood, Israel's education ministry has recently banned from the curriculum two novels featuring romantic attachments between Jews and Arabs. At the same time, the 'green line' that once demarcated the occupied Palestinian territories has been erased from Israeli classroom maps, implying instead that it is all Greater Israel.

"Faced with Israel's zero-sum policies and diplomacy, Palestinians have grown increasingly anxious about the future. Last week a resolution from UNESCO, the UN's scientific and cultural body, gave a voice to their concerns. It highlighted Israeli threats to the most important Muslim and Christian heritage sites under occupation. Recognising the importance of Jerusalem 'for the three monotheistic religions', the resolution nonetheless warned that Israel was exploiting its illegal control to erase the Palestinians' connection to such sites, especially Al Aqsa mosque.

"Hoping to deflect attention away from these criticisms, Israel railed against the UN for denying primacy to its narrative. Al Aqsa must be billed equally as Temple Mount, Mr Netanyahu insisted, referring to a long-lost Jewish temple believed to be buried under the Jerusalem mosque. But the ruined temple's likely location leads to the opposite conclusion Mr Netanyahu has reached: not that the Jews have a stronger claim to sovereignty, but that the region's peoples and religions are impossibly intertwined. That should be the chief lesson for the current Jacobs and Rachels, many of them living in armed and relentlessly expanding colonies on stolen Palestinian territory. the land was always shared, and there will be no peace until it is again."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ugly Australians

"The Australian government is responsible for the deliberate and systematic torture of refugees on Nauru and should be held accountable under international law, according to a major new report informed by unprecedented access to the secretive island. Amnesty International said it had interviewed 62 refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru, and more than a dozen current or former contract workers who delivered services on behalf of the Australian government, to compile a report titled Island of Despair." (Australia accused of torture on Nauru, Michael Koziol, Sydney Morning Herald, 18/10/16)

If Turnbull and Shorten can condone the torture of asylum seekers on Nauru, they can also condone the torture of Australian citizens, not to mention the torture of others by so-called friends and allies abroad.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

All Service & Devotion, & No Reward

As we know, it's damn hard work representing the people of Israel NSW and running NSW to perdition perfection. Here's just a sample of that hard work, with the mere pittance these guys are being paid for it in brackets. Surely such service and devotion deserve more than this:

"The NSW Parliament's Legislative Council has debated a condolence motion in honour of the late Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres. The motion was moved by Christian Democrats MLC Paul Green [$157,112] and was supported by four parliamentarians. They were Multiculturalism Minister John Ajaka [$307,940], Deputy opposition leader in the NSW Legislative Council and NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel deputy chair Walt Secord [$196,390] and Liberal MLCs Dr Peter Phelps [$157,112] and Scott Farlow [$157,112]." (NSW State Parliament debates condolence motion for Shimon Peres, jwire.com.au, 14/10/16)